…to Gazzmos Photo

A Place for me to share the fruits of my hobby, photography.

A hobby that started with my first camera, a little “Kodak Instamatic” obtained by saving coupons from Cornflakes packets. To todays Nikon DSLR and a photo bag full of lenses.

Todays photography for me is almost 100% out in the Beautiful Swedish nature and countryside together with Sussi, and more often that not a thermos of coffee, a good sandwich and a sticky bun (everybody needs a break sometime)


The subjects i photo are not really too important to me, sounds a bit strange maybe so let me explain…

I have Always been interested in geometry and structures, and often find myself looking for this in a Picture…can’t help it 😉

I find light fascinating and always look for ways to use it in an exciting or interesting way…or the darkness around the light for that matter.

Contrasts, contrasts in structure, light, form…


…when i come home and look through the Pictures i’ve taken they need to say something to me, they need to represent a feeling, a vision.

It’s not important that the result represent what i have taken a photo of, more that i can look at them and relive the moment, relive what I wanted to see and feel just there and then.